Those Who Are Tree Service Experts, Clearing and Grading Contractors & Developers

Maximize Your Profits, Minimize Your Costs

At Hunt Forest Resources, LLC we strive to provide you quality timber management services, so that you can benefit from the wood products being removed from residential locations or clearing/grading jobsites. We believe in total renewable resource management and by purchasing your wood products we keep these valuable commodities from being dumped in a landfill or burned, while financially benefiting you.

Hunt Forest Resources, LLC affiliated companies Hunt Forest Products, LLC and Hunt Trucking, LLC can also meet various demands of your tree removal or lot clearing endeavors, by providing a tractor truck and log trailer to your job, if you have a way to load the logs, and by accepting woody debris at our Pittsboro Woodyard location for a fraction of the cost of landfills or “stump dumps”.

Attention Commercial Investors and Developers

Hunt Forest Resources, LLC has worked with several nationally and internationally recognized corporate investment groups and large-scale developers to institute systematic management plans, in order to provide returns from timber harvesting while incorporating long-term business and residential development scenarios as the final objective. Our forestry professionals and experienced crews can meet your goals, regardless of how large or small the scope of the project. Allow your timber investment to earn money for you while increasing the lands marketability and aesthetic value.

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