We Are Committed to Excellence and Stand Ready to Buy Your Timber

Do you know what your timber or timberlands are worth? Do you know how to get the maximum price for it? When is the best time to sell your timber? Have you been made aware of all of your options concerning your timber investment opportunities, appropriate sustainable harvest techniques, market conditions and processes to increase your lands marketability or usability? The list of questions goes on and on.

At Hunt Forest Resources, LLC we make it our objective to answer all of your questions, in order to provide you fair and honest information, so that you can make informed decisions about how to best manage your timber and timberlands. In order to support our comprehensive renewable resource management plans we can also offer the highest caliber services to harvest your timber and wood byproducts.

Our team of Registered Foresters and timber management associates, as well as our status as a major supplier to many of the largest end-product markets can help you achieve the following:

  • Assist you in receiving the highest price for your timber
  • Develop a comprehensive management plan for sustainability of your timber resources
  • Help you achieve your goals and objectives of your timber/timberlands
  • Increase your timberland’s marketability and/or usability

Registered Foresters and Timber Management Associates

Helping You Maximize Profits, Grow Your Assets, & Accomplish Your Objectives

Hunt Forest Resources, LLC manages numerous tracts of company timberland, therefore understands and appreciates that your timber and timberland is your most valuable renewable resource. We strive to not only educate each client regarding industry best management practices, but to exceed all expectations for ensuring that your objectives are met and your experience in managing a valuable renewable resource such as timber is both positive and rewarding. The money earned through thinning or final harvest operations will prove to be time well spent.

Give us a call today at 919-562-1861 to make the first step in making your timber and timberlands be your most productive and sustainable asset.